Pesonal Interview

My friend and colleague Giannis Dogas aka GreeceAndroid took my first personal interview and i answered questions about the beginning of my career, the applications that I have made, the problems i have encountered, my opinion for floating apps and my future plans.
I thank him warmly and appreciate him immensely for what he has done so far and for his fabolous character.
Thank you my friend!


New Website

Welcome to the new and improved version of my Website!

It is been a long time since I started updating the website and finally is finished. My purpose was to make it simpler and compatible with new modern browsers. Built on HTML5 and CSS3 with better, faster prettier mobile edition.

Now from my website you can contact me for any reason by sending me email or find me and add me on my social profiles to stay in touch (top corner).

You can view all applications that I have created until now with full description, images, video and download links.

For those who want to be the first to know what is new and about the updates in my applications they can choose to subscribe to RSS feed in the special sections (News, Updates).

The website is written in Greek and English Language and you can switch languages any time.

If you like my website or you have a recommendation or a problem don’t hesitate to contact me. It will be glad to hear from you.

If you like my applications and you want to help me continue my work and maintain this website you can buy me a beer.

Enjoy my website.

Thank you,


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