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Transportation in Athens on Angroid.info

The first article that they wrote about my applications.The article-review was about my application Transportation in Athens in early editions from Aggepap on Angroid.info.

Transportation in Athens on Techblog.gr

The second article-review that was about my android application Transporation in Athens.
The article was written from Costas Vlachakis,owner of one on the biggest tech websites in Greece, Techblog.gr.
I would like to thanks Costas for his support.

Interview on GreeceAndroid.gr

 My friend and colleague Giannis Dogas aka GreeceAndroid took my first personal interview and i answered questions about the beginning of my career, the applications that I have made, the problems i have encountered, my opinion for floating apps and my future plans.
I thank him warmly and appreciate him immensely for what he has done so far and for his fabolous character.
Thank you my friend!

DarkCalc on XDA Developers Frontpage

 The first article written for DarkCalc and generally the first article published about me,in a worldwide page with over 5,000,000 registered users and over 40,000 active daily readers.
I think it's the greatest honor for any mobile developer to see his name and his work on the home page of XDA Developers.
The words, the joy and satisfaction I felt when I saw the article is indescribable.
I warmly thank Conan Troutman and XDA Developers for this price.