Hello my name is Marios Vasileiou aka DarkPain.

I was born in Limassol(Cyprus) and i am 27 years old.

I have studied Computer and Information Technology in Greece.

I am selfemployed Android Developer for more than 3 years, BlackBerry developer and soon Windows Phone,iOS developer with active applications.

I like creating websites in my free time but my passion is programming.

I have created 8 Android Applications, 10 Blackberry Applications until now and i have a lot in progress(for Android,Blackberry) for personal and professional.

Transportation in Athens was my first serious project and people loved that. It has more than 30.000 downloads until now and i am trying to keep it alive although it needs a lot of time for a single update(huge database).

DarkCalc was my second serious project. It has more than 15.000 downloads and was featured in XDA Developers.Also was Number 1 Top Free Application from the first day i uploaded it in Samsung Apps website. I couldn`t create that without the help of Standout Library by Mark Wei.

All my Android applications are for free and without ads.

The 2 years i started creating and Blackberry Applications and in the future i will start making for Windows Phone.

If you have any job proposal or any other question don not hestitate to contact me via my website or social profiles.

Also you can find me on AtYourService or PeoplePerHour.



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